Before every show we have in Japan I try to soak up the scenery and take a few steps back and appreciate everything around us. The morning before the event, Hunter and I walked around the parking lot of the hotel and he named all the cars in the lot. He was really stoked to see all the Nissans and GTRs driving by on the road to the event and he was even more stoked to see Muira’s FRS in the lot next to the white V2 Rocket Bunny FT86. Here’s photos before the Slammed Society / Hellaflush Storm.

Walk outside the hotel and you’re greeted by these three really low static cars.

Hunter liked this 180 alot. No bags here buddy.

This one had bags..

2 extremely clean Nissans.

I love this one. It drifts this low too!!! Makes me feel like mines isnt low enough.


Bensopra S13’s. Mr. Ueta was drifting the silver one that day while the one below is his D1GP car.

R32 doing some burnouts in front of us!

This Bluebird showcasing the Fatlace FZero2 by AME Wheels.

the Fatlace FZero2 by AME Wheels doesnt look too bad on this MK2

Promodet Porsche wasnt there for our show but rather some time attack action happening concurrently at our event. The rocket bunny FT86’s were there for us though.

Closer look at the V2 Rocket Bunny kit. Nicely done.

Rear wing difference from V1 & V2.

VW UP by Voomerang. I really wish they brought this one to the USA.

Even Civics can play in the FZero2 Arena.

This 500SEL had some work 2 piece wheels on. Pretty nice seeing this model at the show.

And finally my next post will be all about the show. Here’s Nakai’s Rotana RWB sporting some new wheels by Work Wheels. Super clean.

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