I wake up everyday believing that the world has been the way I always knew about it because of those stories told by my grandparents or answers from people who also just heard stories from their parents passed on to their children. Stories came from the mouth of an individual passed on to the next person without the same words unless it was written on a paper passed until it reached our generation.
Who knows about these stories if they are true? We have no idea but we follow them anyway. 
Who sets rules to this world? That’s why we have the urge coming from within that wants us to go against the grain. We were always ruled by our instincts from those months we were inside the womb until we were born. The brain had gotten so much informations from the world that became bigger with so much people and so much stories were told. We get confused about things that makes us who we are and we fall into those traps. 
Labels are what’s keeping us away from discovering the beauty of each of our horizons. We cannot be what we want to be because we have to study so we can find a job to save money to support our dreams and so we can choose where and who we marry and have children. And when our children are finally old enough to take care of themselves, it’s finally our time to support ourselves and to do the things we have always wanted to do, to see the world, to travel. 

We have the money but no longer have the time and energy for ourselves.   
That’s why we live with melancholy even if we were surrounded by those things we tell people are the meaning of life even if our insticts knew from the start what can really make us happy. 
We believe in ourselves but not as much as we do with those stories we just heard from people and those rules they have created. 

We try to get off a little bit off course by telling everyone how free we are doing the job we love to do, passion and work together as a sweet escape, telling people that we have everything a person wish to have but without a gasp we couldn’t decide for ourselves when there’s no visible set of rules that guides us through the journey until we fall right back into those traps. 
Isn’t it obvious? The constant change. The weather, the world, from those houses being built, those cars along the streets, to our life style, to the taste of music, to our hair colors, everything changes and the only thing that doesn’t change are ourselves still following the trend. We kept moving in and out of the line until nothing actually happened to us because we couldn’t make up our mind wether to dance with the current music or to play something that can really make us dance. 

Informations are being given to us on everything everyday but we got so used to them and we no longer give them meaning because it has always been visible. We depend to where the crowd will bring us and not where the fate wanted us to be.