The pursuit of  perfection in a ride has always been Kentaro’s state of mind. People call him a wheel whore because of the many wheels he’s gone through, but I see it as trial and error. He never found the right set of rims until now, which I agree with him look spot on with his ride. Now let me introduce to you, Kentaro’s xB…Inspired by the VIP culture in Japan, Kentaro put his inspirations into the xB from the Junction Produce Fusa to the chrome brushed rear bumper cover.

If you’re wondering what wheels these are, they are fully polished Borbet Type A. These wheels are mostly seen in the Euro tuning scene, but Kentaro managed to pull it off on his xB while looking pretty unique. Kentaro is currently scraping the crap out of his front lip on the daily. His car looks insane when rolling. What I really love about Kentaro’s style of tuning is the recurring polished theme from rear bumper covers, wheels and door handles. I love it when it all comes together to make a great looking ride. Cusco camber plates help the xB bring out the negative camber that is hard to achieve on stock suspension.

Kentaro’s Modification List

Sti lip
JDM bB window visors
JDM bB chrome mirror cover
JDM bB chrome rear bumper guard
Scion Pro chrome hatch handle
LED tail light
One off e46 deck lip pooler

Bellezza Seat covers
Bellezza suede Neck pads
Junction produce Fusa
One off Celica Steering wheel

Borbet Type A 16×9 et15 full polished on 205/40/16s

HKS WG coil overs in front
e36 rear spring and toyota echo rear shocks
RealCamber -5 shims
Cusco camber plates

Shout outs:
All the boys at Royal Origin, especially Minh for giving me the opportunity for the feature, the crew at HFD and all the haters that give me motivation to mod this car even more.


Thank you Kentaro for allowing me to feature your car! If any of you hellaflush fans think your car is hellaflush approved hit me up for a feature at or find me on instagram @minh_royalorigin.