Earlier this month, I posted up photos from my last minute adventure to Tokyo (http://fatlace.com/2015/01/aloha-tokyo/) to hold you over until this massive post on Tokyo Auto Salon 2015! *WARNING…100+ photos, but but split into 4 chapters…so don’t forget to slow down for some sporadic words and click the link at the bottom for the continued post!

This chapter will cover some of the best booths of the show, starting with the Weld Techniques Factory booth where we released a small Weld x Fatlace capsule line! TAS_2 (1) TAS_2 (2) TAS_2 (3)

Talk about attention to detail!TAS_2 (4) TAS_2 (5) TAS_2 (6)

Top Secret brought out some heavy hitters!TAS_2 (7) TAS_2 (8) TAS_2 (9)

But JUN Auto Mechanic meant serious business!  TAS_2 (10)

Especially with their V8 BRZ!TAS_2 (11) TAS_2 (12) TAS_2 (13) TAS_2 (14)

Aimgain brought out an arsenal of aero, wheels, and pure style!TAS_2 (15) TAS_2 (16) TAS_2 (17)

RWB was well represented with a pair at the Army Girl booth!TAS_2 (18) TAS_2 (19)

A lone Liberty Walk Avendator at the Forgiato booth! TAS_2 (21)TAS_2 (20)

The Tjin Edition Honda Fit traveled across the Pacific Ocean to make an appearance at the Coplus booth!TAS_2 (23) TAS_2 (22)TAS_2 (24) TAS_2 (25) TAS_2 (26)

326 Power came out in full force here as they did at Offset Kings Japan 2014 (http://fatlace.com/2014/07/aloha-japan-part-1-offset-kings-japan-2014/)! TAS_2 (27) TAS_2 (28) TAS_2 (29)

D.A.D.…bling bling!TAS_2 (30) TAS_2 (31) TAS_2 (32) TAS_2 (33)

Awesome display at the BBS booth!TAS_2 (34) TAS_2 (35)

And the Enkei booth as well…classic Alfa Romeo and Rocket Bunny NSX!TAS_2 (36) TAS_2 (37) TAS_2 (38)

My hands down favorite booth was Honda, who showed off quite an extensive lineup!TAS_2 (39) TAS_2 (40) TAS_2 (41) TAS_2 (42) TAS_2 (43) TAS_2 (44) TAS_2 (45)

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