Toyota pulled the covers off their latest concept vehicle the Toyota FT-4X. The crossover is built to tackle both urban and outdoor environments alike. Loaded with tech such as a GoPro Hero 5 in the rear view mirror and plenty of USB outlets. The vehicle is part transformer with a “Multi-Hatch” that opens both upward and sideways, has a removable window, and has two rear storage boxes (one to keep things cold and the other to keep items warm). But that’s not all, as the vehicle is versatile with removable interior lights that also act as flashlights, door handles that are also water bottles, and a North Face sleeping bag that functions as an armrest. One other modular highlight is the removable radio that doubles as a portable stereo.

As a concept this proves to be very interesting with the obvious target demographic of Millennials. The versatility of a crossover like this would definitely play well for many that need a single vehicle for commuting and a bit of outdoor fun.