This Wednesday, the Fatlace crew headed to Infineon Raceway to meet up with good friends Noah and Chris.  Noah had secured some track time to test drive a race-spec E30 325i and had invited us to join them.  While there, we were shown around the Audi facility which included a fleet of single seater race cars for their racing school.  These cars were based off of a F3 spec Lola chassis and powered by a 4G63 from a 9th gen Evo. It must be a blast to drive one of these machines around the track!  

After a brief lecture, the instructors soon headed out to the track to show what lines to follow and how to extract the most out of the cars.

Our own turbocharged Elise was like a gnat full of energy drinks with the experienced instructors behind the wheel.

This E46 M3 wasn’t quite as fast, but it looked just as natural on the track.

Despite being the slowest car in the group with its stock motor, it was easily the loudest car at the track thanks to its straight pipes.

This is my first time being at Infineon Raceway and I was impressed with how nice the track was.

This GT-R even got some track time.  The Elise may be more nimble, but it was hard to ignore the sheer speed and grip the GT-R had, especially when flying down the straights.

It seemed like the instructors were having more fun flogging the E30 around though, and I don’t blame them.  Less is more in the racing world, and this E30 is about as basic as you can get.  Looked pretty mean too with its blacked out paint scheme and red “eyes”.

Old school vs new school, which do you prefer?

No bad choices in this lineup.