In many years we haven’t even fathomed the thought of going on vacation, due to workloads and Life in general. So inspired by our more recent ventures to Europe, we decided to take the Fam on a voyage across the pond and over to The Mediterranean. After a layover at Amsterdam, we found ourselves at our first stop–Lisbon, Portugal. A beautiful city with the likes of all European countries, a rich and deep history that continues to grow. It was a great way to start off our travels, as an introduction to what was to come.

Portugal known as Europe’s West Coast is rich in heritage as it is in sites to visit. Known to have been founded in the Iron Age as Iberia in c. 1200 BC, Lisboa is known to be one of the world’s oldest cities to have been and continue to be inhabited. The country itself shares some of the warmest Mediterranean climates as it’s neighbor Spain. During our stay, we definitely felt temperatures around the 70˚F mark+enjoyed the picturesque clouds within blue skies. If you’re heading to this area, be sure to plan for a day to venture the terrain as the main City Centre to Marina may be visited in close parameters. So strap on those Air Max 90s or New Balances for some brisk walking. Definite place willing to visit again in the future. Bigup Portugal.

Native Portugese artist to be on the hunt for would be Paula Rego. Visit her very own Casa das Històrias which houses her work. For more information about this design institution, please hop over to OnCulture.


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