As we continued our journey, our next stop was Valletta, Malta. There is no question that this place was one of the most beautiful out of our trip. Being one of Europe’s first most fortified cities/islands–the grand scale of the port itself was breath-taking. This actually was one of those places that we were worried about visiting since it’s approximately 200 miles from the Libyan coast where a state of unrest is not enough to explain what is going on out there. So as we coasted by Tunisia, Africa and set sail toward Malta, folks like us were wondering what potential occurrences were ahead of us. What we discovered was this place inhabited by approx 400,000 people with buildings almost locked in a place in time that dates back centuries. With nurtured heritage and culture, it is a place of growth where 3 out of 4 working citizens own a yacht which Malta is known to house plenty of for global entrepreneurs–by and far the opposite of years past. It was also fresh to see Msida Malta Skatepark and later learn about it’s history. Wish we had more time there and possibly visit the other islands that make up Malta as a whole. Perhaps it will be on the list for re-visits. Hope you enjoy the flicks.


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