Last weekend I ended up heading to Goodwood Revival, an event strictly for classics and historic racing cars being relived at the famous Goodwood race circuit.  I wasn’t intending on going but a work colleague passed on some tickets for the Sunday and damn, It was seriously epic.

It was a day of pure vintage spectacle, everyone that attended was dressed in their favourite vintage genre of costume/outfit from classy 50’s housewives to wartime paratroopers of that time where they played their part in bringing Goodwood back to the golden days of vintage racing and awesome vintage class!  It seriously felt like I went back in time.

I went to the revival over 10 years ago but I certainly appreciated it a lot more this time round and although I went smart-ish, I already have plans on going next year and to make even more of an effort to find something to fit in more.

I’ve tried to capture the atmosphere as best as possible but of course it was hard unless you was there.  Enjoy.

My friend dressed as what a Goodwood Marshall would look like back in the days of 50’s/60’s racing.

This was the car park for the public…full of classic enthusiasts from all over the world.

Most popular car in the car park was the Jaguar E-type

A mock Porsche Garage.  There were many other set ups like this to re enact what dealerships, shops and stores would look like back then.

Inside the Porsche garage, equipped with old school advisors, mechanics, signage, tools and even genuine parts for sale.

Genuine old Porsche parts and accessories for sale.

Michelin tyre garage.

This was the best one. A Tesco’s from the 60’s, the equivalent of the UK’s grocery store like Walmart.

Notice everyones outfits is on point for the occasion.

Tesco’s even had mock ups of the old style packaging in everyday consumables we use today.  Unfortunately they were empty and for display purposes only.

A couple of small boutiques.

What a UK milk man would drive back in the day.

Dotted around the site were the Goodwood girls posing for photos and adding to the vintage chemistry.

Most important of all…the pub.

With the Roll Royce factory based down the road on the Goodwood estate, it was obvious RR would display their heritage of hand crafted goods.

Now for the rare bears and cars.  One of the cars which took place in the £150 million race.

Sir Jackie Stewart

This thing has 350bhp on idle.  Apparently dropping the clutch = instant wheel spin.

Chris Harris.  Check him out on Youtube.