Vintage Electric Bikes has recently released their newest machine known as the Scrambler. Styled after the dual purpose look of older motorcycles, Vintage Electric Bikes’ Scrambler is set up to take you on and off-road while getting 1556MPGe! What were traditionally called ladies electric bikes are no longer reserved for the ladies at all – rebranded as step through electric bike the low step frame are favoured by men as they are easier to mount and dismount.


The three words I would use to describe the Scrambler are stylish, comfortable, and fast. With a two hour charge you can get a range of 35 miles and a top speed of 36MPH.scrambler-fork-field

The level of craftsmanship on their builds are unparalleled and can be seen on every inch of their bikes. There were no expenses spared and in order to bring their customers the best product they pulled together the best components available to be fitted on the Scrambler.



Based out of San Jose, Vintage Electric Bikes has utilized their resources for technology and materials around Silicon Valley to bring us some of the most bad-ass electric bicycles on the market. If you’re looking for a not so geeky ride you have to check their products out!