For the last 15 years the S14 is considered to be one of the most modified FR platforms. Drift or grip, the car cemented its nameplate in the tuning scene with its countless aftermarket support. With the rise of fitment enthusiasts in the last 5 years, it has also been a solid choice due to its large wheel well clearance. Check out my quick spotlight on an all-around S14 build in Japan.


Saito Daisuke modified his Silvia with a good mix of ideas – combining street drift into VIP style.


With the looks and feel of the S14, it can easily pull off several colors other cars cannot – like this shade of brown + glitters. With a number of Silvia s I have seen in person, this particular build stands out as I have a soft spot on its approach.


Origin Lab parts were sourced for his front bumper and side skirts, while the rear bumper is made from Vertex. The rear fender is molded from a 40mm wide flare from Suzuki Garage. #SuzukiSpec


My favorite modification: If you look closely, the rear tail lamps has been retrofitted with LED lights making it different from the usual full housing swap – retaining the OEM touch to the 90’s car.


Wheel choice for are WEDS Kranze Bazeria, with the spec  18 x 9.5 -27 up front with 215/35 tires and 18 x 10 -17  with 215/40 tires on the rear.


Yes he does drift the car with that fitment.


This wraps up my quick feature on this well executed S14. Hope you enjoyed.

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