A little while back I contacted my friend Shelton, the owner aka Smitty, about doing a shoot of his car for Fatlace. This was before Hellaflush was back up and running. After talking we decided to do the shoot New Years weekend. So when New Years came around I took a little road trip up to Washington, DC. Once there we had to find a place to shoot. So after driving around for a bit we found this massive paper mill. So we decided to stop and shoot there. Below are the images I captured.

It was funny watching the people drive by. You could see them almost breaking their necks to get a look at his car. We even had a guy come up and ask if he could take a few photos on his phone. It took him a while to find the right wheels for his M45. So after a long search this is what he decided on.

VIP Modular VX110

20×10 -15 for the front

20×11-16 for the rear.

A little tuck and poke never hurts

For the exterior of his car he has kept it very simple and clean.

Auto Couture from bumper

Custom front fenders

Balsarini Grille

JP Roof Spoiler

JP Hood Bonnet

JP Eyelids and Garson Badging

He told me that I need to be prepared for this year. He has some big plans for this car and is being very secretive about it…….wonder what he is planing.

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