Okayama, Japan.
Today’s tuning community, bridged by the interwebs, is on a continuous hunt for different approaches using their trusted platforms. For decades now, the quest for uniqueness always comes as a standard in Japan. Known to be the trendsetters and somehow pioneers of “automotive fashion”, the Japanese tend to squeeze in a way to stand out among the rest. Check out this quick feature below.

Stereotyped as a performance/drift car, the Nissan Silvia is bound to standout by stepping outside the ‘box’. Influenced by Japanese Bippu culture, Shota Iwanaga from Fukuoka, Japan wanted an S14 like never before.

Wheels do make the car; but in order to achieve ‘VIP status’, Iwanaga-San’s eclectic mix of parts sealed the deal in coming up with his own personal style.

Utilizing access to different parts, Iwanaga-San chose the JDM S14 front bumper and added a C-West Chin to compliment the fabricated metal front fenders made by Sonic Hedgehog.

Then there goes the metal rear ducktail, my personal favorite among all the exterior modifications, perfectly flows with the S14’s body lines.

A crucial choice in establishing a VIP car, for Iwanaga-San the 18 x 10 -48 (f) and 18 x 12 -52 (r) Infinitewerks BR bridged USDM VIP with JDM VIP culture.

Also serving as his drift car, Iwanaga-San installed a 326 power Chakuriki Coilover with a spring rate 32K up front and 20K at the rear.

With his knowledge in electrical and lighting, Iwanaga-San personally encrusted the signal and corner lamps with full LEDs.

What I noticed lately in Japan is the mix of different aero manufacturers making the BN Sports Rear Bumper and the Origin Lab Side Skirts stream to another. Again, look at that ducktail angle!

To contrast its sinister-like exterior, the interior was done in a more lively manner being front-lined by its Bride Seats and a 7-point Cusco Roll Cage in teal. To finish off this feature, Shota Iwanaga would like to thank the following, Low’N Slow Crew, S.S.Maverick and Untamed.

You’ll never expect what to see in Japan as the community continues to raise the bar for car modification.  An interesting take on a Silvia last year at Offset Kings Okayama, surely we’re excited to see what unfolds in the next few months as show season approaches. Who’s excited for a possible show in Japan?

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Fatlace | Stance Pilipinas / Manila Fitted

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SUS exhaust
HPI front pipe
柿本改 exhaust
HKS FMIC and Intake
Suspension and drivetrain
326 power Chakuriki coilover (32K front, 20K rear)
Adjustable tension rods
Adjustable toe, camber and traction arms
2-Way LSD
JDM S14 front bumper with C-West Chin (modified by Sonic Hedge Hog )
Origin Lab Side Skirts and Hood
BN Sports Rear Bumper
Sonic Hedge Hog Metal Front Fender Fender
BN Sports Rear Fender (revise by Sonic Hedge Hog )
Sonic Hedge Hog Original Metal Ducktail Trunk
Original full led winker and headlight rings
Infinitewerks BR (f) 18 x 10 -48 and (r) 18 x 12 -52
Federal SS595 225/35/18 (f) and Federal 595 RS-R 285/30/18 (r)
Bride Seats
Avenue Steering Wheel
NISMO shift nob
Checkman lacing five – point harnesses
7-point Cusco Roll Cage


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