Vote today!  Now it is so easy and accessible for all of us to vote – there is no reason why you can’t.  You can even vote CURBSIDE – handicap or not.  Soon there will be drive through dispensaries.

I vote at the local Senior assisted living in the neighborhood.  Greeted by volunteers – not professionals!

It’s your right to vote in private and for what YOU want.

This is the voting booth from the inside!

My UNION gave me (kind of) a cheat cheat.  They break it down to let me know who is fighting for what we believe in.

I had to show this. PROPOSITION.    This is history!  We are actually voting to LEGALIZE MARIJUANA.  If  you support this or not – this is definitely a reflection of CHANGE.

I remember three years ago when I became FULLY interested in politics.  Obama and Hillary we exciting options.  I volunteered for months and I partied with the world when Obama won.  For me, I find this to exciting.  Something I will always remember in our history.