So where do I start with this show? The fact that I left Houston at 6AM to get there in time for roll in or that I actually very impressed with the turn out of the show? Lets start with me leaving Houston with Mayday member Ervin at 6AM and getting to the show at 8:30AM. Eventful drive? You know it… wasn’t.

Anyways, Wekfest is always an event that I love to attend. They are dedicated to the scene and to the owners of each car. They focus on only the cars and that’s what it should be like. They don’t have flashy stunts going on outside or break dance contests or artists performing. As amazing as it is and as much as it adds to the attractions, do you really want people coming for all of that or the actual show? They bring in a huge crowd so everyone can appreciate the blood, sweat, and tears put into each and every modified car. Granted, Wekfest Austin is no Wekfest SF, it was still a great event. This was like the conference championships versus WKFST SF (Superbowl).

Needless to say, I had fun. I was very impressed with the quality of cars that came out from all over Texas and the bordering states. This is why Wekfest and other shows will keep coming back to Texas. The staff was friendly as usual and very organized. Elissa Alva was the official Wekfest model and did an amazing job. She’s one of my favorite models and was happy to see her again here in Austin. I also got to meet the amazing MKP. AND got to see the famous Joey Lee from The Chronicles in action.

Anyway, enough with my celebrity and fan enthusiasm, the show overall was great to say the least and definitely something that Texas needed to boost the scene back up. Enjoy.


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