This past weekend, WekSos held their first WekFest on the east coast [WekEast]. I was blown away with the number of quality cars that made it to the show. I was honored to have my own car in it after seeing the level of quality and workmanship that most, if not all, of the cars had.

I want to thank XCLUSIV:ALLIANCE for their hospitality and for allowing me to ride along with their group to the show. I made some great new friends in the process and had a great time through the weekend. Some future features are sure to come out of this group, so stay tuned! Check out their Facebook page.

I like letting the pictures do the talking and what a best way to show the atmosphere of the show than to present a video made by JD Lazaro (TWreck Films). Make sure you follow him on Facebook and subscribe to his youtube channel!  Not only a great guy and fun to hang out with, but a great talent! Click the link below to watch the video!

Wekfest New Jersey 2012 | TWreck Films

Onto the pictures! I didn’t take pictures of all 300+ cars that showed up but did take pictures of the ones I thought were the best of the show. Feel free to leave any comments below and please share this post with your friends!!!

Daniel Phan of doing his thing! Another very dope video coming from him very soon also!

Everyone was very confused when the fire marshall kicked everyone out of the building for some reason. I’m still not sure if it was because of CO2 overload or because they wanted to crank up the AC haha
Tim Varnasup of

Hope you all enjoyed the photos!

Want to get featured? Are you located in the East coast? Hit me up via Facebook at smf0t0 and I’ll come out to shoot your ride!