Wekfest comes back to Hawaii for their 6th show in the Islands.  This show kicks of the Wekfest 2016 International tour.

Only the cars that passed the pre-screening process were able to enter the show, which means only the top cars weather it’s a European, Japanese, Domestic builds are being shown.   Wekfest was held at Neal Blaisdell Center Exhibition Hall.

JCT_6502copy JCT_6797copy JCT_6778copy JCT_6776copy JCT_6773copy JCT_6771copy JCT_6769copy JCT_6768copy JCT_6765copy JCT_6761copy JCT_6759copy JCT_6753copy JCT_6748copy JCT_6747copy JCT_6743copy JCT_6741copy JCT_6740copy JCT_6734copy JCT_6728copy JCT_6716copy JCT_6715copy JCT_6714copy JCT_6713copy JCT_6711copy JCT_6703copy JCT_6699copy JCT_6697copy JCT_6695copy JCT_6694copy JCT_6693copy JCT_6692copy JCT_6691copy JCT_6689copy JCT_6686copy JCT_6685copy JCT_6682copy JCT_6681copy JCT_6678copy JCT_6677copy JCT_6676copy JCT_6675copy JCT_6673copy JCT_6670copy JCT_6666copy JCT_6665copy JCT_6660copy JCT_6659copy JCT_6658copy JCT_6647copy JCT_6646copy JCT_6643copy JCT_6641copy JCT_6640copy JCT_6639copy JCT_6638copy JCT_6636copy JCT_6635copy JCT_6634copy JCT_6632copy JCT_6631copy JCT_6626copy JCT_6624copy JCT_6623copy JCT_6621copy JCT_6620copy JCT_6616copy JCT_6615copy JCT_6614copy JCT_6612copy JCT_6608copy JCT_6607copy JCT_6606copy JCT_6605copy JCT_6604copy JCT_6603copy JCT_6601copy JCT_6597copy JCT_6596copy JCT_6594copy JCT_6593copy JCT_6591copy JCT_6590copy JCT_6589copy JCT_6588copy JCT_6587copy JCT_6586copy JCT_6585copy JCT_6584copy JCT_6581copy JCT_6580copy JCT_6576copy JCT_6572copy JCT_6570copy JCT_6564copyJCT_6559copy JCT_6557copy JCT_6555copy JCT_6554copy JCT_6552copy JCT_6551copy JCT_6546copy JCT_6545copy JCT_6544copy JCT_6542copy JCT_6538copy JCT_6521copy JCT_6518copy JCT_6513copy

Photos By: Jerry Tamayo IG: @tcrazyhi