Another day in paradise…summer is here and the car shows are starting to roll in. I would say Southern California is the mecca of the car scene and this week, we were blessed with Wekfest LA. It was held in the beautiful city of Long Beach at the historic Queen Mary, where the weather was on point for a car show. Let’s check out some sweet rides.

Clean FRS in the vendor section.

Laid out Cima.

A gang of slammed cars enjoying the sun.

Super cool, murdered out S15.

Bagged Subaru on CCW classics.

Rarely see a good looking fitted Civic like this.

Purple EVO ready to pick up some trash with it’s front splitter.

Clean and simple S2000.

Good looking Porsche on sick Work Meisters.

Queen Mary didn’t need to cut their grass this week because of all the slammed cars.

KDM VIP style!

Rare Aimgain kitted IS250.

Wouldn’t mind picking up parts with this VW truck.

So much fitment going on in this photo.

Black Chrome Volk TE-37?!

Track ready S14.

Whoa, hella flush Z3 wagon?

More BMW goodness. Bagged Z4.

Break My Wallets.

TSX on CCWs.

Color combo on point.

It was a good day because Elissa Alva was present…