If you haven’t been to Four Leaf Tea Room, now is the time to go. (Ok, any time or all the time actually) And what? Its located right next door to us! How convenient is that 🙂 I first came across this place some time last year. A friend told me about it and decided to drop by. The place itself is pretty neat and gives a relaxing vibe. The deco is clean and aroma is definitely alluring. All I had was their “Fruits Tea” that night and it was enough to convince me to come back for more. I’ve also had their “Pizza Bread” and their “I Never Drink Wine” crepe. Delish! They have some mouth watering homemade recipes for sweet, savory, and vegetarian crepes. They even have make-your-own crepes! From crepes served with Nutella sauce, to crepes served with pesto sauce or peanut sauce. Their menu consists of everything from desserts to salads and sandwiches. Better yet, everything is made from scratch! They also brew fresh teas on a daily and offer a selection of fresh-brewed coffees. Everything at Four Leaf Tea Room is made fresh, using only natural ingredients. This is all reflected on the quality and the taste of everything they serve. And not to mention, they have such an amazing and friendly staff! So, come see what everyone has been talking about and drop by Illest while you’re at it!

Check out their menu: www.fourleaftearoom.com/


318 E 2nd St
Ste 8
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Tel : (877) 797-4532

I NEVER DRINK WINE: Red wine poached pear, candied pecans & gelato with house special red wine sauce.
GOING BANANAS: Banana, nutella & gelato.