Normally our “Who’s That Lady” feature showcases just one inspiring woman, however this time around we’re changing things up a bit because we’ve got an amazing trifecta of ladies to introduce. I remember when I first found out about The Fresh Fiends, an ex actually linked me to them because he thought I’d be into their blog/style, and he was totally right. Now he’s long gone, but I still have so much love and respect for these ladies and everything they’re doing with themselves and for their community.

The trio of Summer, Shew, and Lady La are holding it down from blogging to charity work, product collaborations, and event planning, as well as recently becoming the faces of Cubannie Links. These women always have another trick up their sleeve and are here to show the world there is more than just desert sand out in Arizona. But don’t be mistaken, The Fresh Fiends name doesn’t just represent a group of lady bloggers, it’s a movement and a lifestyle, one that every female should know about. So just exactly who are these renaissance women? Well, we recently had the pleasure of catching up with them  to chat about their daily lives, beauty tips, and to get the scoop on the Herstory behind the Fresh Fiends.

1. Hey ladies! So let’s start from the beginning! Who makes up ‘The Fresh Fiends’? And how did the three of you meet?

La: Natural law of attraction. Both Shew and Summer were always very sweet and supportive of my career in radio…lots of situations made our bond inevitable!

Summer: The Fresh Fiends consists of myself, Lady La, and Shew. When I met both La and Shew (which was through mutual friends), I could sense they were naturally exceptional women. Beauty AND brains are sadly hard to come by these days and I knew they were just special. Our dynamic is what makes us so motivated.

2. Why the name ‘The Fresh Fiends’?

La: We are FIENDS for all things legit & fresh. Be it food, fashion, or fuckery!

Summer: Lots of people have recently associated the term “Fresh Fiend” with “Hypebeast”… and it’s quite the contrary. We report on things that have inspired us for ages, not just because it’s hip or relevant.

3. Outside of being a blogging/fashionista dream team, what are your day jobs?

La: Morning radio host /tv personality.

Summer: I’m an esthetician specializing in eye brows and nether regions.

Shew: I work out of my house and I’m a mom, so I’m working 24/7.

4. Having such busy lives, how do you keep up with your blogging?

La: I hardly have time for anything because OCD gets in the way. But when it doesn’t, I blog about food/life/entertainment.

Summer: I try and stay as inspired as possible, which is difficult at times. It’s impossible for me to sit in front of a computer screen and just magically conjure up interesting content to write about. That’s the main reason I lag on posts at times. We may not report the very latest news about whatever or WHOever, but when we DO write about something, you can be sure that we are one thousand percent passionate about it. We wear the clothes and makeup we post, we eat the food, we listen to the music, we visit the places. Our content comes from a very personal place inside each of us and it doesn’t matter how current it is or isn’t.

Shew: I blog whenever I have something I want to share and that happens often for me, so it just comes naturally.

5. It’s no secret that you ladies have a love for the beauty industry; can each of you give us your favorite beauty tip?

La: Drink water & eat fresh food.

Summer: ALWAYS use a makeup remover wipe before cleansing your face. Use a good eye cream and never pick at blemishes!

Shew: Apply CASTOR OIL to your brows and lash line to accelerate hair growth.

6. What can’t you live without makeup/beauty/nail products? Builder gel is known for its long-lasting results and glossy finish. But removing them is not that easy. Why not see here how to remove biab nails at home?

La: Chapstick & #7 lashes from MAC

Summer: Boscia Green Tea blotting linens, Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit Acne Wash, MAC Prrr Lipglass, and MAC Impeccable Brow Pencil in Taupe.

Shew: Philosophy Purity cleanser, MAC Prep + Prime powder, Urban Decay 24/7 eye pencils, China Glaze nail polish, and Lush Rockstar soap for body have become must-haves for me… I stray on everything else.

7. What’s the funniest ‘Fiend’ story?

La: “Whether it’s fashionable or not, a stabbing is a stabbing”. Lmao! (*in reference to throwing an event in a questionable venue.)

Summer: We think it’s funny when people call us the Fresh FRiends. With an “R”. It happens more often than not. We’ll say: NO. IT’S FIENDS. Like FEEEENDZ.

8. You’ve already introduced a variety of products from tote bags to jewelry, what’s next for you ladies?

La: There are no boundaries or lists for us. Whatever partnership we can create out of something we adore and believe in, there’s ALWAYS something on deck. For photo retouching of our products we trust Zenith Clipping, a jewelry retouching service provider company in Bangladesh. They offer the best quality clipping paths. They are a well-reputed top-ranked image editing company serving since 2010. 

9. Explain the meaning of “Posse Up”:

La: If u like how we are living, and call yourself a FIEND…posse up!

Summer: It originated from Sir Mix-A-Lot’s “Posse on Broadway”. We just started saying it when we’d all get together to hang out. It’s also in reference to girls who just put the bullshit aside to “combine and conquer”, Much like we did. There is strength in numbers.

10. What are your favorite trends right now? Trends you’re so over?

La: A.G.E.: all grey everything, I bet I can guess what Summer’s is… lol.

Summer: Yup. All BLACK Everything. Sorry to sound so Jay-Z, but I was into black clothes long before he made it popular. Black is just timelessly chic and no matter the style or cut of something, it always looks extra legit in black. It’s mysterious, sexy, and a bit luxurious. I also like my clothes to be affordable, comfortable, and drapey. I’d say each of us can relate to personal style more so than to a trend. I really don’t even know what’s trendy right now in terms of clothing and I will never give up my leggings.

Shew: I don’t really keep up with fashion trends, but I’m really into anything army green and camel right now.

11. What’s in your bags? (include pictures):

La (*not shown): A full clip. eye drops. wallet. laptop/cell phone charger. MAC recycables. iPod touch.

Summer: La is not kidding about the clip, by the way. I’ve seen it and it’s not just for “show”, which is pretty honorable in my opinion. I have MAC Blot powder, my checkbook, MAC Prrr Lipglass, Strawberry Body Butter from The Body Shop, sunglasses I bought at a flea market in Silver Lake (my favorite neighborhood in LA), Jolly Ranchers, and my Blackberry. Wallet is from Buffalo Exchange and the bag’s from Stussy. There’s a few other things in there but I won’t divulge.

Shew: L’Occitane Rose Water Face Mist, B&BW Anti-bacterial hand gel in Nectarine Mint, Anna Sui pocket mirror, Boscia Green Tea Blotting Linens, Evian Facial Spray, Hello Kitty coin purse, Starburst, Fresh Fiends mini Sharpie, MAC Plushglass in Fullfilled, Urban Outfitters wallet and bag.

12. What does the word “LadyLike” mean to you?

La: Anything “LadyLike” about me I learned from Shew and Miss.Summer

Summer: LadyLike to me means: Be courteous, be cool, plan in silence, and look effortless when you come out with your guns blazing. My granny always said: “A LADY always knows when to leave…” which can be applied to any situation in life I think.

Shew: LadyLike to me means having class and confidence.

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