What’s up HF fans. Ojay here again… chiming in with a new feature for you guys and gals. Meet Wilmer Cruz, a member of the Low N’ Slow crew with his 1992 Lexus SC300. Keepin it chill and to the point, Carson Cali resident Wilmer is inspired by VIP in this build…. rockin the Weds Kranze Bazeria’s (Ima sucker for these rims!),  poised on a set of megan racing street series coilovers. I’m not sure how many of you guys are specifically familiar with 1st gen SC’s, but Wilmer decided to give his Lexus a newer facelift by replacing his front end with a ’97 front bumper and headlights. Damn, I’m a Lexus owner myself and I didn’t know that until I asked for his mod list! Anyways, moving on…

Wilmer added on a pair of OEM Toyota Soarer window visors plus a hic rear visor and color matched them to his freshly painted car in starfire white pearl.

Representing the VIP fashion with the Junction Produce fusa and sirotuna, as well as his fambam “Low N’ Slow.”

My attempted up-skirt shot of his Weds Bazerias blinding me with its chrome face… ugh! I’m diggin’ that rear fitment.

A quick shot of his interior… a wooden steering wheel to give it that luxury yet sporty feel, mated with a boss steering hub.

showing more love….

a sneak up shot of his rear quarter fitment….

You can never go wrong with a car that is not overly done up and modded to the max. Wilmer has built a simple yet clean car that can be admired for a long time…. very easy on the eyes. I look forward to seeing his future additions.