Ever heard of Import Reactor or Anime Matsuri? Yes? No?

Regardless, I’ll go over it real quick. It’s a huge event in the Woodlands that happens every year in Houston. It’s an anime convention with a tacked on car show out in the parking garage. The show brings in a huge selection from all over Texas and other states. We get cars from Dallas, Austin, San Antonio and even cars from Louisiana or Oklahoma. It is always a great experience. I’ve been going for the past couple years but unfortunately it was a little smaller this year. There were definitely some quality cars out there. It was good to see local teams still supporting like Opulence, 5 Star, Team Epik, 16niss, Sunworks, and etc. I really enjoy the special vehicle they brought out this year too! I’m sure you’ll know which one I’m talking about once you see the pictures.

Anyways, I wasn’t there for the awards ceremony so I don’t know who won what. A lot of work and sweat was put into these cars and I’m sure any tuner can appreciate all cars for what has been done to it.

I’ve included pictures of the show and also some other random pictures I took at the anime convention for all you cosplay fanatics. Enjoy!





Hope y’all enjoyed that!