Living as a broke college student can really affect your dating life, especially when you’re dating another broke college student. As a girl, I know it’s unusual for the women to pay for dates, but every so often I like to pay.

Unfortunately trying to pay for school, bills, and save up for traveling the world, can really limit the options for dates. So here are a few of my fun but relatively low-cost date ideas.


© Alex Becker

The Beach and a Bike Ride

  • Unless you go to a state park where they charge you to get in, the beach is a free place for you to go. Bonus points if you go to one with a pier where you can walk and talk to your date, maybe do a little hand holding if you want to.
  • Don’t forget to bring your bikes! Beaches sometimes have a path for you to ride alongside the ocean. It’s good exercise and again, free, if you bring your own bike.


Minor League Sports Teams

  • I love baseball, but a San Francisco Giants game can get a little costly for two people. Fortunately, the San Jose Giants are nearby and tickets can range anywhere from $13.00 – $21.00 for general admission. Do some research and see if there are any of your favorite sports minor league teams around. If you do so happen to go to a San Jose Giants game get a churro. I repeat get a churro.
  • For an even cheaper game, see if your local college has a team.



© Emily Bieber


  • Hiking doesn’t really require a lot of money. Try to find a trail with a view at the top. It’s pretty romantic I must say.
  • Got a dog? Take them out! Dogs make everything better.
  • Pull out a blanket and some sandwiches and BAM, you got yourself a picnic.
  • If you stay a little longer in the day, the sunset and even the city lights can be a site to behold. For extra fun, bring a speaker and share your favorite music with your date.


Adventure is out there

– Courtney Oliver