I’ve haven’t visited Osaka for a while so I took my new Canon 6D and will be taking some shots and blogging about it daily. I’m here for Osaka Automesse and to meet with a few companies so check back to see the rest of the trip. One thing you must not do once you get to your hotel is sleep. Try and stay awake until around 10pm or you’ll be waking up at 2:30am and wont be able to sleep. Here’s day 1..

Driving from the Airport all you see is water & ship yards. The Port of Osaka is very similar to the Oakland docks but it spans for quite a long time.

Upcoming traffic..

Toshi picked me up from Osaka International Airport aka KIX. Took his 7 Passenger Mercedes Van. They really need to bring this van to the USA.

Walked around a bit. Saw this HUGE PINK Daiso. It’s the equivalent to the $1 store in the US but with all things made in Japan.

Saw this Kit Kat store on the way to dinner as well. I dont think I’ve seen this many options of Kit Kat but its good to know its nearby the hotel.

Ill be stopping by this noodle house soon..

Saw many fixed up Subaru wagons. Took this snap for Kenny.

This was the car we drove to the dinner after meeting up at the Starbucks. BMW E30 Wagon with BBS Mesh. The owner rebuilds BBS wheels and has over 300 in stock!

Dinner Spot. Served everything italian.

Masaki, Toshi & 松谷 俊佑

Group Photo with Kei Muira from RocketBunny. He also designs for many companies and OEM.

After dinner we stepped outside and saw the cars the guys drove in. Kei Muira drove his imported FRS and the other guys drove this 2002 non bagged celica. Crazy low.

The roads in Japan are very nice so driving this low, especially on 16″ wheels is pretty impressive. Oh wha… whats on the hood?

Don’t park in front of the building biatch!! Sign was stuck on both cars.

Another look at the BMW.

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