Just got back from an 8 day trip to da islands and I definitely caught that island bug.
Meaning…I’m still on island time.  Hence, the late post.  Slowin’ my roll, on the for real…for real haha.

So here I am, back in the Bay, back to the hustle and back to the boots with the fur (coat).
Missing the topaz blue waters, the daily beach checks, skin kissed by the sun
and waking up to Diamond Head,  but mostly…missing the bestesses.
Two of my best girls made the move out there years ago and a third joined them just weeks ago.  They’re multiplying and we’re subtracting.  Slowly…but surely.

Aloha nui loa (very much love) to my home away from home.  See you in November.

OAK > HNLBuh bye Bay (Bridge)!Our lanai view.Aloha!DorakuOyster shots!Pro Bowl Block PartyA must when here…pay respects to Duke.Trees!The usual spot.Aloha Chelle and Marko! From the Yay to the 808.Wish bracelets from last February.  Our wishes haven’t come true yet!Represent!!!  Flag’s up!Hawaiian breakfast!GuavaLoco MocoMacadamia Nut WaffleTake 2.Home Bar & GrillPokeKimchee Fried RiceRibeye SteakTruffle fries with fried pepperoni.  O.M.G.Pork ChopAloha birds!Our next door neighbor.  The Modern Honolulu.On the dot every morning…aloha birds!MAC 24/7Vacay morning staples…bloodies and mimosas.From the Bay to the 808…another transplant.
Aloha old skool homey James…and JJ!Chicken and wafflesMan vs. Food winnas!Waikiki BeachAuntie & ZoeCruise…All smiles.How to make poi 101.From taro plants.

Maori.More 808 to be continued…

And last but NEVER least.
To the #faithful…
it was a sad week and I know this from the bottom of my broken heart,
but we’ll get ’em next year.

Till the next episode…