Here’s our adventures around Tokyo. Just randomly shooting with some captions along with the images.

Brooklyn getting a haircut.

My friend Verdy. He’s an extremely good artist. We did a collab a few years back and are working on something for a future release.

Escaping the countryside and heading to Tokyo. Photo of Teru going into the light…

Brooklyn was very intrigued by the chandelier at Nike Harajuku. Football themed everything….

Brian was super stoked to be in tokyo. Check out his rad umbrella.

Ferrari alert.. Omotesando Street in Harajuku. Come here at night and chill out..

Always & Forever

Bikes at Stussy Harajuku. Styles have changed alot here…

Best Curry restaurant in Tokyo.

Showing off my style. New Black Label North Face, Mooneyes Chopsticks Cap, Levi’s, New Balance 1300, and my trusty 6D.

Graffiti in Japan doesnt stop.

Nicely placed drips..

Supreme / Neighborhood stop a must while touring around Harajuku.

Eggs’n Things ridiculous long line. Same line can be seen in Oahu, Hawaii.

The guy at Nike Harajuku recognized us and pulled up the website. Good meeting you.

That chandelier is pretty damn awesome.

Taking that JR metro..

Brian walking against traffic. Always fun to do this…

Cheap pull backs but they’re so fun and detailed. Hunters collection grew with some of the new releases.

Station hopping..

I really liked this thing. Not sure what it was but it was kinda cool.

Leaving the hotel once again…

Brooklyn enjoying Cat Street in Harajuku. It just rained so the streets looked all slick.

Brian driving in Japan! He was stoked about this experience.

Kenta. One of my favorite people in Tokyo. Always good catching up.

Teru’s parking in Shibuya. Kenta was very stoked to see this car in Shibuya.



More graffiti.. Til next time…

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