I’m back in LA. After a 24 hour recovery period from my vacation, I bring you my Pac Northwest photo dump AKA the photos that didn’t make it on my previous recaps, AKA food and crap. Enjoy.

From Portland:

Of course I had to do the Voodoo thing. I had the Portland cream donut and my cousin had the Rapper’s Delight.

Powell’s Bookstore had a rare book room with a great collection of old books. I spent awhile in there looking for special editions of my favorites.

The food pods all around Downtown. These carts set up shop in parking lots. I was telling my ace about this and she said it best, “it’s like traveling the world in a parking lot”. We went with Mediterranean and probably the best I ever had.

My amazing guides for that afternoon: Ian (Deadstock PDX, Nike) and Antonio Brasko (look him up). If you didn’t catch my disclaimer last post, I’ll be telling their stories here soon.

This might be my favorite picture from PDX. Sizzle Pie knows what’s up.

The drive to Portland from Seattle and back is easy. 2 and half hours and you get to see nature and cool sunsets.

From Seattle:

I generally consumed a lot of food and drink while there. For the last 7 years, my cousin has been creating this long list of places I had to visit. I knocked out a lot from said list. Highlights: El Asadero for tacos/burritos because they operate out of an abandoned bus, pasta from Il Corvo because it’s handmade and good, “crack” fries from Lil Woody’s because you get to dip them in ice cream (which happens to be my favorite culinary collab), and drinks from Canon because they boast a 100+ specialty drink menu.


Cool art installs around Downtown.

I loved walking around the neighborhoods and seeing the prevalence of music. Flyers for shows posted everywhere. I think the light post below had one for Brody Jenner. Who knew?

My final view before heading to the aiport. Puget Sound. Isak Dinesen said, “The cure for anything is salt water. Sweat, tears, and the sea.” Thanks, Seattle. I needed that.

Now back to work. We got a lot going on in the coming weeks, one of which is my first event at Illest Los Angeles. Stay tuned!