Took long enough to write the follow up to part 1 of the AF Imp Japan but here it is, finally. If you missed P1 or even the preview, click here and here to get you refreshed.

Anyways, AF Imp has been around for many many years and we’re excited that we were a part of their show. They asked us to make a DVD which will be out on the next issue and we’ll also have it online in various parts soon. But first here’s the photos from the event of the cars that stood out the most to me. Attention to detail, originality and over all style is what makes a car stand out. Onto the photos…

S5 Sedan was very popular at the show.

Golf on Work Meister

OG Mark II looking good on BBS

BBS was the wheel choice for many of the show cars. Classic on this M3

I don’t get to see many of these fixed up VW EOS’s very often…

… but there were quite a few of these.

The interior was very clean

A bigger brake kit was a standard upgrade on almost all the cars.

Looking real good.

Repping RWB with this smooth body 964

Race interior

Engine bay of the 964 with some upgrades

Rear quarter of the car

Clean MK4 with BBS

Passat wagon on MAEs

Kitted and coilovers.

I dont know much about mini coopers but there was a whole section of the show just dedicated to the mini. 3SDM wheels were very popular in the show as well.

This Mini caught my attention. I’m not sure what wheels these were but if you know, make a comment.

Mini on Works.

I’ve been waiting patiently for the VW UP! but have been told it may never make it stateside.

326 Power known for drifting and wild bodykits put their take on the german car scene. Here’s an A4 they did. Not bad on work wheels.

The back of the Audi next to their VW UP!

326 Power uses a wide array of colored swift springs with their coilovers.

They also had an Audi TT on display. 326 Style

Work Wheels on this one.

3 Series with BBK & Wheels. Shot this one for Grippy

This Liberty Walk M3/335 looked real good in person. No wonder why so many people are getting this kit.

Interior shot of the BMW

Interesting there wasnt a BBK on the car. Hopefully the engine and wheels get some love.

Old School MK2 extremely clean and done right.

Look at the engine bay.

Mercedes E-Class 2 Door.

I’m sure there was a reason to write on the car but I didnt get a chance to ask why.

That S7 tho..

Ferrari 458. Just cause..

Crazy Style G-wag.

Voomeran Audi in Tan. Not bad. Wheels are different.

Nice M3 by Bilstein.

Sure, I’ll take an Aston Martin.

Bride seats have come out with their line of Euro seats. edirb is bride backwards. Clever.


Love these TRS Tow pulls.

Enkei wheels had some of their line on display.

End it with this rusted out American 2002 with the big bumpers. Owned by a girl at that.

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