This past weekend i had the chance to catch up with BP VIP which consists of nothing but vip inspired cars. The weather was blazing hot lately, and to see that of all days of this week, sunday happen to be overcast… ugh… sucky for car pics but i made the best of it. Its pretty crazy too because this meet was the biggest turnout ever. From the looks of the facebook event page, it only showed at most 91 people coming, but damn it seemed almost double that. A buttload of nice cars ranging from hondas and euros, to the expected vip cars. I had a baby shower to attend to which was going on the same time as the meet so i did my best to get in as many shots… so if you saw me walkin around snapping pics and dont see it posted up here, my bad!

BP VIP has monthly meets in buena park, CA and all car makes are invited.  Also check them out on facebook and like their page if you are into vip cars.

-Ojay Bayang


^^ Alvin’s Puertollano’s Infiniti G35 aka “Gina”

^^ Ray Cordero’s Lexus 2GS and Mike Eaddy’s Lexus 3GS

^^ Ryan Balediata’s Lexus 2GS

^^ Normandie Manlapas’ Toyota Previa with Estima converted indepedent rear suspension, hence the rear camber.

^^ Matt Ayvazian’s Lexus 2GS and Carl Zamuco’s Lexus 2IS

^^ my LS400 and Brian Lee’s LS430

^^ Romane Reantaso’s LS400

^^ Tony Yu’s Infiniti Q45

^^ Tony Hosang Jung’s Lexus 2GS

^^ Kyle Ranauro’s Nissan 240

Steve Kim’s oni camber breaking necks

^^ John Suh’s LS430

^^ Mike Vo’s Lexus 3GS, recently featured on hellaflush

^^ James Oliver’s prelude, also recently featured on hellaflush, along with his fellow member from Style63

Happy birthday James!

^^ Dara Prom’s Lexus 2GS