For the past few weeks, I’ve been on a vacation from paradise.  I left Hawaii and woke up on the east coast for “work” then enjoyed an extended layover in California.

While home in Orange County, I was fortunate to attend my brothers’ graduations; one with his masters, and the other with his high school diploma and a one way ticket to college at my alma mater…super proud of these dudes!

I was also able to spend some time with the Fatlace family for the Illest Orange County anniversary weekend.  MAHALO to everyone who put in work to make this weekend happen!  Below are some behind the scenes and random photos from the kick off party, but don’t forget to check out Tricia’s posts on Kicks Chicks Whips and Ruckout OC, and Yogi’s post on Slammed Sundays.

Of all the time I spent in California, I never made it out to Cars and Coffee but this was the perfect first time!  Linked up with Mark and RJ to cruise, met up with some awesome friends at the event, and saw the Toyota FT-1 Concept in the wild among an endless sea of amazing cars!  Mike Garrett from Speedhunters agreed that it was the best Cars and Coffee ever too!

I also made it out for the Pierside Parts open house in preparation for the Classic…mucho aloha here!

And finally, I played tourist 😉 photographing iconic locations of the Santa Monica Pier, Downtown Los Angeles, the Walt Disney Concert Hall, the Los Angeles Contemporary Museum of Art, Downtown San Diego, Petco Park, and the Huntington Beach Pier.

Paradise bound, shakas all around!