One of my main goals during my recent trip to Japan is to shoot as much cars for this site and upon looking at my photos there are some builds that needs to be highlighted right away. One of my favorite cars during Offset Kings Japan 2015 was not a widen-out supercar or a classic car with grail-like-status; those cars cemented its credibility to stand-out anywhere. But can a non-GTR R34 steal my heart at a show with more than 375 cars? On to the photos.


An R34 GTR can always be the talk of the town at any show but its less conservative brother, the ER34 has bigger shoes to fill. The GTR-spec has automatically build its ‘legend’ status through stories in and out of Japan.


Don’t get me wrong, an ER34 is a really good car but there is ‘this’ pressure that owners undergo to live up to the R34 nameplate. Kohei Fujii from Hiroshima was on track with his ER34. Just. Look. At. It.


During noon of the show, Felix asked me which one is my favorite while he was judging. Off all the cars this quickly registered and so I asked Kohei for a shoot and spec sheet.


I also posted a photo on my personal Instagram and gathered numerous questions regarding its wheel specification.


Wheels are Work Wheels Seeker EX 18 x 9.5, 10.5 spec offset O spec. He could go for a concave wheel set-up but his choice contrasted the norm by adding a certain classic touch to the car.


Kohei also went for the OEM route with his bodykit adding to that very clean theme.


Simple modifications like the red quarter light and side splitter added spice to his build. What can be his future modification for the car? Kohei plans to join Offset Kings Okayama with a lower ride height.


A perfect example of simplicity is the key to beauty. Be back soon with more.

Owner: Kohei Fujii

Modification list


Work Wheels Seeker EX

18 x 9.5J offset 0

18 x 10.5J offset 0


GP sports Coilover

Cusco front upper arm

Megan racing rear arms


Nissan OEM option genuine side skirts

Stage21 Japan front lip


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