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Kriss Kyle Kaleidescope

Nothing pushes the boundaries of Action Sports more then raw talent, imagination, and creativity! It also helps having Red Bull as a sponsor! Here is Kriss giving a quick rundown on the weaponry that was utilized in this project.


Wsup y’all, this is Ferrariartie, reporting LIVE from ILLEST LA! This week, I’m #NP a star in the making! Can ya boy get a Nick Cannon drumroll, please! It’s none other than Crystal Caines! If you flip through an updated edition of the Webster Dictionary, find the word “Lit”, you’d happily find Crystal as the…

Bates & Zoro

While on vacation I still take photos of the same old stuff, art and cars. At Copenhagen, I saw this truck hit up by the infamous Bates and Zoro. It was not hard to miss. Dope to see their work in person!

What makes you stupid?

“Forget about your age, live life, think like a child once again.”    When I watch animated films, there’s only simple stories leaving me clear lessons with very strong impacts. For once, it makes me feel like I’m a child again.  A blank canvas only awaiting to be painted with new ideas.     As…


Shouts out to the interwebs, it’s @FERRARIARTIE reporting LIVE from ILLEST, LOS ANGELES! I know I’ve been gone, boo, but I’m back with a new series, “BEATS W/ ARTIE”! I’ll be posting my thoughts on what I’m #NP! Simple? LET’S GET IT! While everyone is posting memes about Drake’s Hotline Bling (which all those dance moves…

Forest For The Trees & Beyond

For the past few years, I’ve been lucky to witnesses first hand the growth of Pow Wow Hawaii from a local neighborhood event on Oahu to now adding color and life to walls internationally in various events throughout America and Asia. Coinciding with our move from Hawaii to Portland, I asked Jasper and Amy if…

The Liks

The last major holiday before summer ends and it was the liks. #FirstFridays in the Town, mandatory brunch with the gyals, and finally, the Bay’s own hip hop holiday. #HieroDay  Scroll down for how I spent #PlayborDay. It’s the liks baby…it’s the liks. ‘Til next year! #HieroDay P.S. #Staycool Yay Area