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San Jose Crew

This Crew from San Jose arrived at HQ exactly at closing time. Couldn’t leave them hangin’ outside, it proceeded to go from quite to crazy in seconds. But it was all in fun and and their extra energy was pretty entertaining. This pic only shows about half the people that overran the shop. HF Fragment…

Fatlace Social Club

Fatlace Social Club winner by Baz.Tunicliffe Notice how the cars are arranged by color! Inventive and unique. Fatlace Social Club winner by EvokedPhotography.  Both the shadows and the piece in the back are dope. Fatlace Social Club | Winners Gallery

ACG Backpacks

The new Nike Sportswear ACG backpacks just arrived in-store!  Equipped with locking straps for support, secured front, side and back pockets as well as a laptop pouch, the NSW ACG backpack is prepared for both a hike in the woods and everyday life in the city.

Illest Fall Crew Cut/Sew preview.

Super excited about seeing photos of the 2010 illest fall/winter cut&sew line. Lots and lots of details went into making these pieces and we hope you get excited when you see them in person. The winter line will consist of Short & Long Sleeves button ups, denim, bike pants, jackets and your basic tees &…

Sticker Bomb Ukulele

Josh from San Leandro stopped by the shop to add fatlace to his ukulele of fame. New fatlace tag vinyl lookin mighty clean slapped up next to the guitars bridge. Come thru fatlace anytime and get your bombing on. 1630 post x laguna you know the spot .

Tuesday Treats: Frozen Hot Chocolate

One of my favorite restaurants to visit in NYC is Serendipity 3 on the Upper East Side, it’s definitely the epitome of tourist trap but I still absolutely adore it. One of their signature menu items is something called the “Frozen Hot Chocolate” and let me tell you, it’s absolutely delicious. Well, the other day…

Sticker Haters and Good Samaritains

Questions sometimes arise when watching the world around you. For example whats more important? Understanding the attractiveness and storytelling qualities of a stickered-up “No Parking” pole or removing these stickers allowing the little plastic remnants to fly away in the wind, littering the street? Seems simple. But I wonder who makes the decision on where…