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Katch One and Estria Painting Live

A day of custom painting by some of Hawaii’s best urban artists. Free Event! Bring something you would like us to paint FOR FREE. Please bear in mind that we can only allot about 15-30 minutes per item. Featured Artists: Estria, Katch, Rival, Starfish Guy, Meut TDK and other local artists. Paint the Vote!, an…

New Looks

Thought I’d share some new logo designs you’ll be seeing on product and accessories in the near future. The Illest tag. I’ve been wanting to do an illest tag for some time now. Fatlace Cursive. Much different from our last brush stroked cursive. Basically my handwriting.

Adopt a Be@r

Peter and Toma rolled through hq aka the 1000% Adoption Agency to chop it up and swoop on our beloved Be@r Brick Crew. We know they’re going to a good home so no hard feelings there, but the shop def. feels empty w/o the 1000’s. Anyway, Good seeyin’ ya fellas come back anytime.

The Illest Summer

So tonight we’ll have our summer illest tees and caps online. It’s been quite the adventure the last couple months. Securing colabs, deals and finding new spaces to setup camp. As you might notice in this tee, we’ve called out LA, Tokyo, and of course our hometown San Francisco. It’s our version of the trifecta.…

Illest Summer Tees

Just in time for summer. The Illest summer tees come bagged and labeled on the bottom of the tee. Here’s a preview. These are available now online along with the illest summer caps. Available in store tomorrow and the weekend.

Titanium Emblems

Peter Boonsom, a student at UC Davis, hooked up these Titanium Fatlace Emblems for us. Unfortunately these wont be for sale in Titanium but possibly a stainless steel one soon. Speaking of stainless steel, check out the F1 car next to the emblems. Awesome

Fatlace Bearbrick

Our very first Bearbrick. As you can tell visiting our studios, we’re very fond of these little things and thanks to Medicom, we were able to work on a project with them to coincide with our watch collaboration a few months before. We still have a few left in our online emporium so if you’re…