Last Friday I witnessed more than 20 local MCs recreate the hip hop catalog of 1993
backed on two different stages by two of the Bay Area’s foremost young composers:
JooWan Kim performing with his chamber orchestra Ensemble Mik Nawooj

and Oakland’s own Kev Choice (Lauryn Hill’s former musical director) performing with the 10-piece Kev Choice Ensemble.

And when I heard the hook “Snoop Doggy Dohhh-oooo-ohhh-oooo-oooggg” OPERA-style, that’s when I knew…
hip hop is all grownz up now.

Clas/sick Hip Hop: 1993 Edition at SF’s YBCA
plus the last of my birthday shenanigans.

 Fondue Cowboy

Happy birthday to us…

And happening this Saturday:
See YOU there!