I am fresh off of birthday week and a trip to New York. I am home, in warmer weather, and grateful for the change in seasons, friendship, good food, and long walks. For the first time in a long time I felt off the grid. So much of my travel has transpired over the internet – through my blog and through social media. I have always packed my DSLR, snapped photos, then spent hours in a hotel editing and later writing. This trip didn’t warrant the same routine. And that was by choice.

It’s not because I’m jaded or that I didn’t want to document my trip; I just wanted to pay more attention to me being there rather than showing it off. Don’t get me wrong, I brought my Macbook and point and shoot in the off chance I wanted to do otherwise.  But what solidified my choice was an observation of the youth in SoHo. They were fully equipped with cameras – models better than mine – and hype. That was me 10 years ago. I felt like a veteran amongst them, and thought to just let them do the work. Let them go through the pains of honing a craft, of learning the hard way, of positioning themselves in the industry. After all, this was a vacation.

I learned what a vacation was very late. I am the type to maximize days to get the most out of the place I’m visiting. I would even throw meetings into a schedule because it made for good content. I am that annoying friend who has to constantly be on the move. And at 33, I found out that the grass is greener on the other side. So many lessons were realized in the last week. Things like: take time, slow down, let go, and it’s ok. I fought all of these things in the past. Now thanks to a perfect birthday and a trip out of town, I have started my new year a little wiser.

But, I didn’t all together ditch the blogger in me. I had to highlight my trip somehow. Here ya go:

Going left to right: Lower East Side, Knicks vs. Nets at Barclay’s, Ippudo Ramen, Central Park, and things I saw at Washington Square Park.

LAX, JFK, Travis Barteaux (Saturdays Surf) whom I met for coffee and a little inspiration on leaving a big brand like Nike to making your work matter at a smaller brand, Autumn in New York, chess in Union Square, and a French Toast x Funfetti cream cheese bagel.

Last supper at Eataly, changing leaves, Life Across America exhibit at the Leica Gallery, Kith and Kith (best retail experience in NY right now), and pork belly buns.

Mike at Mr. Throwback – sports vintage store in East Village who shared his story of turning lifestyle into business, three out of five courses at Contra, NY selfie, and the Alexander Wang x HM release. Find easily yours Onlyfans Men easily on maleonlyfans.com

Moleskine flagship (!!!), Spread Love it’s the Brooklyn Way, Chinatown, egg custard ice cream (!!!), under the 6 train in The Bronx, and a reminder.

Thank you to my squads on the west and on the east for making this birthday one for the books <3