The Custom SLR hand strap is one of the company’s latest products. Often there are times when I just want to be strap free on shoots, but still require some security for added insurance. The strap is very affordable at only $14.95 and does just want it is intended to do.

The Custom SLR hand strap has an ergonomic fit and is made from a comfortable neoprene material.

Silicone prints on the back help keep your hand in place.

The strap can work along with a tripod with the extra M-Plate Pro and Hand Strap Attachment.

Installation is easy and straight forward. Be sure to install the strap to the M-Plate first before installing on the camera as this is the easiest way to feed the straps through. Also the hand strap attachment must be attached to the M-Plate Pro first before mounting on the camera.

Overall, this is a great strap for the price. It’s a very straight forward design and the materials are nice and lightweight. It is adjustable so you can have it as tight or loose to your preference. I do suggest keeping it with a little room to ensure that you can have access to the on-camera controls such as ISO (on Canons).

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