February 22 to 23 weren’t just two ordinary days for many, if not all, music enthusiasts. Two days of endless partying, drinking, and having fun. Two days of 7107 International Music Festival.

Because that event was highly anticipated, Illest had to be there. And so, Mark and the Trilogy group asked  me to gather cars that will represent the brand. I suddenly felt the pressure and all I could think of was “Can we do this?” Thank heavens everything went well while I was handpicking cars that will represent Illest at the “event of the year”. Our ideal line-up was a mix of classic euro’s, race-prepped cars, and flushed ones but due to time constrains and travel time, some of the owners did not make it at the said event.

Meanwhile, here is a quick recap of what happened during the music fest, the Manila Fitted style.

Zig (S14), Donne (BB) and Bing (Corona) quickly said “yes” when I asked them if they wanted to display.

After a year of planning, I finally decided to lower the s15 for the event. David from DMF Drift made the wheels fit with a minimum amount of fender work. The rear camber arms and my ideal fender pull  due paint issues did not make it on time.

Donne drove from Cavite with his BB on Zeit wheels.

For the euro’s, Rouel from “AMG 560” brought their 964 turbo and S-Class coupe.

Ziggy changed his bolt pattern to 5×114’s so he can fit the Kei office wheels.

Bing drove for more than 250 kilometers (155 miles) in his Corona to join us, talk about commitment to the scene. 


With no time to test drive the suspension set-up, I was afraid at first to drive it to Pampanga because my tires only had a .5mm clearance to the fenders.

My initial reaction when I took this photo was “Parked. Finally, I can rest”.

Not my ideal type of “fitment set-up” but this works, for now.

PV Valdez and “Akira” from RWB Manila/ Car Porn Racing joined us for day 2.

More photos of the car here: https://fatlace.com/2013/12/manila-auto-salon-2013/

It was flattering that people took photos of the cars. 

Kaskade, Empire of the Sun, Kendrick Lamar and The Red Hot Chili Peppers headlined the event . Full line-up here: http://7107imf.com/line-up/

Louie Ang from Trilogy/Pormada rocking that Illest Yolanda fundraiser shirt.

Illest released official shirts for the music fest at the event. 

Anya, Zig, Donne and Bing from Manila Fitted.

With my good friend Jon.

Ira Cordero (far right) was also at the event, he is the designer for Illest Manila.

People came in from all walks of life, everyone was there.


The mandatory welcome photo.


Full line-up, after seeing the photos of the cars I quickly realized how much effort everyone went through to be at the event.

Thank you to David from DMF Drift, Rouel from AMG 560 and the Vans/Trilogy group for your warm hospitality.

On to the next.

These types of events prove that music, streetwear, and the car scene can unite for a cause, “to put Manila on the map”. 

We may be divided into 7107 islands but we, Filipinos, are one.”

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