A photographic exploration of bespoke Texas trucks, style, and hunting culture. Photographer A. Lokey spent three years immersed in quail hunting culture and emerged with a beautiful 296 page documentation of rarely seen, eccentrically purposeful, 4 wheeled creations. Bespoke and personalised but often audacious, the trucks and vehicles built for quail hunting elicit conflicting emotions. Symbols of a rich Texas heritage, these rigs are limited only by imagination and budget. Each one is built to service the conditions and procedures of quail hunting as well as reflect the personalities of their sportsmen owners. Shot on location across the sprawling quail hunting ranches of Southern and Central Texas, Lokey captured the vehicles in their natural environments. Equipped with gun cases, jump seats, dog cages, and an array of comforts and luxuries, the rigs both contrast and reflect the tradition of hunting.

Texas Quail Rigs is available March 27th in two editions.

Trade Edition: $85 / Hardcover, 900 copies, 10X12 landscape, 296 pages
Limited Edition: $600.00 / Clamshell Box, 100 copies signed and numbered, includes an 8 X10 signed photograph.

For more information and to purchase Texas Quail Rigs, please visit: www.texasquailrigs.com