DJ Neil Armstrong and Emily came by the store today! They came bearing gifts in the form of Neil’s newest mixtape, “Music for when no one’s looking”. Check out Neil’s blog here.

The mixtape itself is a thing of beauty. I liken it to a sculpture made out of obnoxious individual parts. Taking songs most people wouldn’t admit to liking (from the Backstreet Boys to the Black Eyed Peas to ’80’s power ballads), Armstrong weaves a delicious guilty pleasure of a mixtape. Listening through the tape, I found that I knew pretty much every song, and while they weren’t songs I “like” per say (I’m a hip-hop head and pseudo-hipster music snob), the mixtape definitely had my head bumping.

The mixtape is available at the store on 1630 Post for 15$ and online soon. Trust me, it’ll get a fair few listens if you pick it up.