STAGE 1: Phase 5 ‘FAST 102 Intake/FAST 102 TB’

Okay beer of choice this week is Julius Echter ‘Hefe Weisse’ if you are looking for a good wheat beer then look no further.. I personally love hefeweizen type of beers and this one really hits the spot.. Hope you like.

Okay what we have today to instill is a FAST 102 Intake with a FAST 102 TB, and a FAST fuel rail.. Now I bought this as a package deal on Texas Speed Shop, and yet again they do not disappoint.

FAST 102 Intake/TB and Fuel rail kit from Texas Speed Shop: $1,653.98
(I added the Coolant pipes and plugs, fuel rail and gaskets)

Man I just love how the FAST 102 TB is packaged.. I felt like James Bond opening up this case. Its well protected and overall just impressed me..

Now a lot of people might question the 102 Intake. Some say it does not give you any gains so why bother.. Well the main reason I bought this Intake was simply for my later plans for the motor. I do plan on storking this engine and running a twin turbo set up so this intake will def help me when I put down the big numbers.  Got to plan ahead..

And damn does it just not scream beast mode…lol

First thing to install is the new Coolant pipe for the front of the engine..

pretty straight forward here, you just place it where the old coolant pipes went.

Next is the Coolant plugs for the rear of the engine…

Place both coolant plugs where they are suppose to be, and tighten down..

Next is the FAST 102 Intake gaskets… love the orange

Place around every runner…

Next install the intake, follow the FAST instructions. They state what torque specs and proper order to torque down..

Next is the gasket for the FAST TB,,

Place the gasket where it needs to be…

And then install this beastly TB,, man this thing is nasty

Almost complete.. Looks like an engine now..

Next is the FAST fuel rails.. Now I don’t think I am going to keep these so if some one wants them shoot me a PM and I will sell them to you.. Going to go with the FAST Billet Fuels instead..

They come with spacers so you can run the factory LS1 injectors

Sorry for the tilt  of the motor in this pic but you get the idea… Engine is pretty much complete just have to install a few things but this is what it will look like..

Goodnight and sleep tight my lil engine..

Total price so far: $5,894.17

Next week STAGE 1: Phase 6 ‘Coils/Spark Plugs and Wires’