Start it off with some good beer.. I pick Batch19… Really good beer even though it is made by Coors.

So I realized I forgot to update you guys on doing my door panels and CF hood.. So here it is.. At first I thought I could keep most of the CF panel and just cut out holes where the door bars were going to go.

After making the needed cuts on the other door panel and seeing how chopped up it looked just to fit the panels I decided just to cut them in half..

I know I know, just cut up a shit ton of money.. Not that much but I know what you are feeling right now.. lol



Love me some CF..

Overall I think they came out pretty good. However I think I will change them later to a flat CF panel and just add the door handle to it. but for now this will do.

A view so you can see both sides

Next was mounting the hood and installing the hood pins

Went with Quik-Latch minis. I love Quik-latch products and tend to use them on the bumpers and rear hatch.

Installed the pins, and put grease on it to mark were to drill for the holes. The hole next to this pin was my old pin setup..

Holes cut


Love how small and flush they sit

After installing the pins I had to set them so their was no gaps in the front bumper..

also mocked up my new side skirts.. Love how they look…

So this is where I took my car to Russell to fab up my exhaust and intake

Took my lil brother with me..

As well as my son.. have to teach him all about this stuff..

So after a couple of weeks I went to ATX to pick her up and always get stuck in traffic here.. Hate it so much..

First time she got to sleep in her new garage after the floor was done..

First we have my intake.. Nothing special just your norm intake.. Wanted it to run down to the front wheel well but there was not a good way to route it. So this will do.

Can’t remember the size of the pipe but this thing is huge has to be 4″

was going to paint the intake black or do black chrome but I love how it looks as is. the contrast works so well.

Next we have this bad boy..Russell went with a .065 304 stainless for the pipping

Running a 3.0 dual to a 3.5 oval single to give me more ground clearance.

No mufflers here.. Loud and in your face..

Here is were it changes into a single oval…

Close up.. I love Russell work so much..

Then they connect to my collectors which are actually 3.5″

Later I will probably change this out when I want more power (turbo) and make it a 3.5″ to a single 4″ oval.. But thats much later..

For now I am really happy with the work and can’t wait to here this thing start up..

Need to add a pic with the bumper on and a full on ass shot..

Next on the list is a couple of little things here and there. (which I will update as I do them). Then its off to Dallas to Stews house to finish up the wiring and do first startUp.

It is getting really close to finishing and I just can’t wait.

I will post price later this week for all that wants to know how much this cost.

Also I am going to be selling these 19 DPE wheels, so if you are interested in them hit me up..