Saturday morning I met up with my good friend Eric Valdes to check out the Nisei Showoff in Little Tokyo area of Los Angeles. It has been years since either one of us attended the show so it was good to see it was still going strong. Ken Miyoshi waved us in at the door and we talked with him for a minute before we checked out the show.  Joey from The Chronicles had a nice line up of Honda builds called “Generations” which featured builds from the past, present and some future builds. As always Joey’s booth was busy with people buying his tees and stickers. We walked the show and talked with a few people we both have not seen in a while. After a while it was time to eat and talk some business. Here are some photos I took yesterday. The day was hazy so I bumped the colors up on the photos and had some fisheye lens fun.

Salem’s TSX in the “Generations” line up.

Nice engraved valve cover! Lowrider influence right there!

Old School Represented!


Ground Level