It has almost been a week and I’m just starting to shake the Fatlace Friday vibes off. I was in awe to see so many people make it out from as far as San Diego to as near as down the block to our event on a rainy day. This event could not have been as successful if it wasn’t for the Fatlace team putting their time to set things up, EA for dropping off the Need For Speed game consoles, Fish and Bisi for allowing us to keep the NFS x RWB a little longer, Funk LeBlanc for spinning, Eggettes San Mateo for the tea, The Game Day Truck with the super sarap food (it was so good that they sold out quick), Fast Speed USA for letting us play with the carts, and the owners who allowed us to display their really awesome rides.

Setting up felt reminiscent of preparing for a high school house party. We had to make sure the really expensive breakable stuff were properly put away, people had room to dance and lounge around, setup the entertainment, food, lights, chairs, etc. This was our house party with a twist, the purpose of Fatlace Friday was to open our doors and showcase the cool things we’ve been working on such as Illest x G-Shock, Jiu-Jitsu Gi’s, Spring/March tees, and our Illest x Momo steering wheel.

Funk LeBlanc conducting the vibes of the night by setting us with some funk/ disco tracks.

Aside from SEMA, where else can you play Need For Speed and be in the same building as the cars in the video game? There wasn’t a time where I saw the chairs empty, people were hooked.

Shout out to Dan for holding the RC side of the business down. He and his crew spent the entire week re-taping the downstairs track and incorporating the EA logo, vacuuming the upstairs track, and for taking the time to help all the customers with RC related questions during the event.

2016MAR_fatlacefridays005 2016MAR_fatlacefridays006
Young and old, many car enthusiasts showed up to peep the cars we had on display.

Aside from the Need For Speed cars, we had this rad Porsche 918 on display.

2016MAR_fatlacefridays008 2016MAR_fatlacefridays008a 2016MAR_fatlacefridays009 2016MAR_fatlacefridays010 2016MAR_fatlacefridays010a
We had an assortment of flavors when it came to the cars present at the event.

2016MAR_fatlacefridays011 2016MAR_fatlacefridays012 2016MAR_fatlacefridays013 2016MAR_fatlacefridays014
Connecting with people is important to us. Mark spent the evening chopping it up with supporters of the brand. For those of you who don’t know, the guy in the picture above on the left is Jay. Jay is responsible for launching the Illest Jiu-Jitsu Gi product category. he’s one really passionate guy about his hobby.

I can confidently say that the event was a hit. Thank you to all the folks who set time aside to kick it with us. To our loyal fans, we thank you for your continuous support over the years and for the first-timers we hope you enjoy what our brand has to offer. It goes beyond just t-shirts, stickers, and cars, Fatlace is a lifestyle brand comprised of passionate individuals.


Images by Chris Monico