The Fatlace x Mooneyes Launch Party went off without a hitch. This event marks our fourth and what I personally think was the most successful event we’ve ever had. There was some kind of magic in the air that’s hard to describe, it felt like a giant summer barbecue with friends and family.


fatlacefriday_mooneyes_003 fatlacefriday_mooneyes_004

There was a wide variety of cars that showed up and I had to get over this preconceived idea that a “hot rod” is some crazy American car with a big blower on it. By definition a “hot rod” is a vehicle modified for speed and though cars that showed up were low, stylish, they were modified for speed.

fatlacefriday_mooneyes_005  fatlacefriday_mooneyes_007 fatlacefriday_mooneyes_008 fatlacefriday_mooneyes_009 fatlacefriday_mooneyes_010 fatlacefriday_mooneyes_011 fatlacefriday_mooneyes_012 fatlacefriday_mooneyes_013

DJ Hailz set the evening right and got the crowd vibing out to some 90’s hip-hop and R&B, T-Pumps kept the crowd refreshed, and we had JT bring over his crazy Hot Wheels collection and insane custom pieces.

fatlacefriday_mooneyes_014 fatlacefriday_mooneyes_015 fatlacefriday_mooneyes_016 fatlacefriday_mooneyes_017 fatlacefriday_mooneyes_018 fatlacefriday_mooneyes_019 fatlacefriday_mooneyes_020 fatlacefriday_mooneyes_021 fatlacefriday_mooneyes_022 fatlacefriday_mooneyes_023 fatlacefriday_mooneyes_024 fatlacefriday_mooneyes_025 fatlacefriday_mooneyes_026 fatlacefriday_mooneyes_027 fatlacefriday_mooneyes_028 fatlacefriday_mooneyes_029 fatlacefriday_mooneyes_030 fatlacefriday_mooneyes_031 fatlacefriday_mooneyes_032 fatlacefriday_mooneyes_033 fatlacefriday_mooneyes_034 fatlacefriday_mooneyes_035 fatlacefriday_mooneyes_036 fatlacefriday_mooneyes_037 fatlacefriday_mooneyes_038 fatlacefriday_mooneyes_039 fatlacefriday_mooneyes_040 fatlacefriday_mooneyes_041