At any given time there are certain things that I get attached to, whether they’re objects, accessories, music, clothing, makeup, scents, the color of my hair…etc, etc…you get the picture.  Some items stay for awhile (i.e. my vintage fur jacket from a previous post) and some go away quickly (i.e. my stupid fixation with hair clips, which, I NEVER seem to learn that hair clips just ain’t me). An ever changing list constantly shaped by the season, the temperature, what I ate, if I ate, good mood, bad mood, hectic day, calm day, beautiful day, ugly day…and…current trend.  So this week I share with you the top of my obsessions…for now.  My fab five faves (today) are:

Laser Etched Boombox Earrings

Pink Lipstick

Zig Zag Ring

MaryJane Beanie

Weekly manicures.  Yes…weekly.

Till the next episode…