This year has been what I would call a transition year for me. I have been busy moving to a new city, working a new job and focusing on things other than cars. The truth is that since my G37 got totaled in July 2015 I have slowly moved away from the car culture to focus in other things in life. While I miss playing with my bagged Infinity and looking for new ways to modify the car, I stay content with my daily 9th gen Civic Si on coils and TE37SL.

Anyways, I digress. Every year I try to make the trip to Princeton, NJ to witness what I think is one of the best– if not the best– car show on the East Coast. This season was no exception. The only show I put on my calendar was FCF and I made it out for the day with my buddy Tim (@timg).

The reason the show has grown into the community so much (I think) is because it brings out the right mix of builds to fit everyones liking. As you make your way through the pictures, you’ll notice what I’m talking about – form meaty to stanced, from Euro to JDM and USDM – There is something for everyone there.

The layout has changed very slightly over the years to accommodate more cars as time goes on, but the atmosphere has remained the same. Planes taking off, helicopters flying by and people having a great time. While most of the show is outdoors, there are some indoor sections where the theme through the years has remained all white. Cars are parked in a wide open hangar space allowing for spectators to enter and come close to some amazing builds.

Once the show wraps up and all winners have gotten their trophies, chaos begins. Everyone wants to rush and grab a shot of their favorite car on the tarmac as close as they can to an aircraft. As sunsets settles in, golden hour makes this show a staple for photographers wanting to capture builds they couldn’t have found locally. For me, this was sort of a special occasion as I had planned to meet David (@finalformfd). He drove all the way from Houston, along with his Final Form crew, to NJ this year to showcase their amazing cars and enjoy some of the cool weather. I met David while I was in Houston a couple years ago for work and have been following his photography and car builds ever since. Without a doubt, he truly deserved the Best Rotary award at the show as his attention to detail goes far beyond everyone’s eyes and expectations.

I really hope everyone gets a chance to go to this show at least once. If you’re unable, I think the images may give you an idea of what it’s like to attend – although won’t be the same until you make it!

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Photos by Tim Grant (@onepoint_two) and myself.