Whether you’re a young teen feeling those first time butterflies or an aged adult experiencing it for the umpteenth time, it’s always the same.  The initial attraction, then the delightful satisfaction in finding out it’s mutual.  The uneasiness of suddenly being uncomfortable in your own skin yet somehow you’re charming and your vibe is captivating.  The awkwardness of getting to know each other, the excitement of all that’s possible and the torturous feeling of being impatient yet you are forced to be…very…patient.  It’s the divine place we can experience both heaven and hell and those WONDERFUL (insert sarcasm here) fluttering butterflies can all of a sudden feel more like rampant vultures.  We’ve all been on this magnificent emotional roller coaster, all in anticipation for that very first moment of intimacy.  And it is at this very instant that we are at our best.  When we actually choose to unwrap ourselves, leaving us raw and vulnerable and supremely open…to infinite possibilities.  There’s nothing like it.  The first kiss. 

Here’s a sensuous poem written by my beautiful cousin, a talented spoken word artist, that captures the essence of that very moment.

by Annie De La Cerna

You watch me in the moonrise
behind the shadows of the sun,
while tribal drums mesmerize
our familiar souls.
Swallowing the air
with magical stares,
with bass articulations
and harmonic undulations,
dramatic rhythms and sharp scales,
our mortal beings dance entranced
with intoxicated smiles,
versatile hips dip
around my brown midtown.
I fantasize sweet, innocent sin
watching your waist want me,
Taunt me,
Tempting me,
Talking to me,
Absorbing the rising force inside mine
releasing a recipe made from
the energy made between our thighs.
Smiling eyes
legalize the forbidden entice,
Invite me to play in conversations
that splash me
leaving me wet.
We greet and reacquaint the
unfamiliar zones
overwhelming me with the elements of surprise.
Your hand caresses my face.
Your caramel canvas comes towards me,
unforeseen soft lips lay on top of mine.
Tender, teasing, tantalizing
tongues touch
for the first time.
You say it was the hypnotize in my eyes
that make you want to taste me.
Leaving me weak,
I cannot speak.
I thirst to see.
I listen to feel
for another sip of your surreal

Cuz I’m a sucka for love.  Till the next episode.  

The sweetest thing I’ve ever known, was like the kiss on the collarbone.
L-Boogie | Sweetest Thing | Love Jones