Here it is…my very first blog for Fatlace.  How awesome is that!  Normally, I’m a pretty private person but when Mark Arcenal (the Creative Director of Fatlace!!!  Are you serious?) asked me to blog for them how could I say no?  It was a no brainer.  So here I am, and I’ll be putting myself out there, hoping tomatoes won’t get thrown at me.  So I hope you enjoy what I have to share…or better yet…hate on it.  Cuz that’s when I know I’ve made it in life.  Ha!

Some about me basics…

Born year of the Tiger.  And yes, he’s hanging off a money tree.


My brand.


Today’s right hand.  I have a thing for big chunky jewelry.  Bigger is ALWAYS better.


Buy me a drank…Ketel One Dirty, dirty.


Bay Area rep through and through.  You can take the girl out the Bay but you can’t take the Bay out the girl.  Yay Areaaaa!!!


Till the next episode.