Got the invite from Kent over at Enkei to check out Suzuka for F1 so we hopped on the Shinkansen and a few hours later we were at Nagoya for some F1. Sorry so being so biased on these photos but I’m a Mclaren dude and they use Enkei’s on their F1 cars.

On the drive from Nagoya, we passed by the headquarters of Bride to pick up Masahiro-san who heads up Bride.

The guys from Enkei and Bride.

Yes these are the best souvenir’s of the event. The passes.

Kent and I.

For those going to F1 next year in Texas, make sure to rent one of these. Its totally worth it. This one is exclusive for Team Mclaren but they do rent these on the track for about $65 for the entire weekend.

Yes it really gives you all the details you need.

Kent getting us in!

Right on top of Lewis and the team changing tires.

Special front nose for the Suzuka track.

Button’s turn.

Lewis stop here.

Lewis’s heated tires on the left, button’s on the right. All of these tires are heated so you can imagine how hot it is in here.

Going back up to the Vip Suites.

This close to the cars is crazy. Teams always pull the cars backwards to prevent people from seeing whats in the back of the car.

That nose again.

Saw my friend Girly there. She works at Force India.

The Weigh Station

Pace car that never made it to the states.

Last but not least, Schumacher walking to the Petronas hospitality.

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